You will be faced with several challenges when picking out the right frames for a young child.
A child’s facial features differ from an adult’s facial features. In an attempt to please the parents, numerous brands, which are generally made in China, have the bad tendency to try and imitate adult frames. It is a big mistake. A pediatric ophthalmologist wouldn’t prescribe glasses to babies, toddlers and young children if it weren’t a necessity. Eyeglasses are often needed for the child to develop his vision correctly. To correct a child’s vision rapidly and appropriately, it is necessary for him to look through the lenses and not over them. Fashion and looks must remain secondary.


A pair of glasses rests on the nose and is held in its place with the help of branches which wrap around the ears. It just so happens that babies and young children have not yet formed their cartilage. A kid simply hasn’t developed the nose that is needed for glasses to hold and more often than not, they end up sliding down to the tip of their nose. To prevent such a situation from occurring, this reality must first and foremost be taken into account when picking out the frames. A pair of glasses for young children must be adjusted with great care. The bridge must have the right size. Branches must have the right length, not too short, nor too long. The frames must be robust, solid, flexible and of very good quality because kids tend to torture them in unconceivable ways. These restrictions however do not stop you from being able to choose from a great selection of beautiful and colorful frames for babies and young children.


In the busy parent’s best interest as well as for the child who is wearing the glasses, you want to make sure that those do not constantly break. You must keep in mind that even with our best intentions paired with the best quality in the world, it is expected that you will have to come see us again to have the glasses readjusted, straightened and sometimes even repaired. It is our responsibility and our pleasure. Also, there are usually no additional costs for repairs and adjustments.